Keep your Keurig clean! 

My Keurig is the giver of life in morning! Keeping it clean and running is super important so how do you keep a Keurig clean!?

Check out this video from “Clean My Space”
Details from the video:

Three quick maintenance things you should know:

  1. If you are going away for over a week, don’t leave water in the reservoir. It’ll evaporate and leave the mineral deposits behind that clog the system.
  2. If you brew something sticky like a hot chocolate or iced tea, run a cleansing brew of just water and no K Cup through after you’ve made your drink. This will rinse out any sugar crystals that would otherwise be cakey or create a blockage.
  3. Use distilled water – they suggest this because regular tap water has calcium or other minerals that can leave deposits in the reservoir and machine over time. The deposits clog the heating coils and that means your machine has to work harder, longer and use more energy. If you don’t use distilled water you will have to clean it more often to keep it going strong.