MEAL PREP: The Basic Survival Guide

MEAL PREP! Seems like everyone is doing it right? Well thats because it saves you money, its healthier than eating out, and helps you be more in control of you fitness plan.

Yes might say “well I don’t have time for meal prep”. Trust me when I say once you get the hang of it its quick and you will wonder why you didn’t start prepping sooner.

Average cost of 1 meal at a “heathy” restaurant is around $10.50 and if you multiply that by the number of times you eat out in a week its easily around $130! Depending on the meat and veggies I get, meal prepping from me brings my cost down to around 75$ a week.

The Grocery Store Visit:


Step 1: MAKE A LIST- Always make a list of what you want before you visit and how many meals you will need to purchase for.
Step2: SHOP-

  • Veggies– Meal (broccoli, asparagus, spinach, brussel sprouts, etc.)
    *Tip: start with only 1-2 veggies
  • Other Produce– these will be what helps add flavor(shallots, onion, garlic,                                                                parsley, basil etc.)
  • Meat– Think lean and healthy ( ground turkey, chicken, tilapia, tuna, and salmon (in moderation)I am really picky about my meats and I order from Meats2U who cuts down to meat prep work for you plus their meats taste amazing and are cost effective! 
  • Carb- Complex and NO white ( brown rice, quinoa, oats, sweet potato/yams)
  • Accessories and other:Seasonings – make sure you have plenty of variety and low in sodium!
    • Favor God Seasonings are on my Wish List compare.jpg
    • Foil – this will minimize cleanup 200%
    • Spray olive oil
    • Baking sheets, pans, and utensils
    • Tupperware- INVEST! You need to have 1 container per meal you are prepping. I would recommend starting off with ones without the dividers to allow more versatility. Make sure to get quality and microwave/dishwasher safe! Here are some of my favorites:
    • prep containers.jpg
    • Amazon Containers
  • sureseal-20oz-1_1(1)Six Pack Bags Meal Prep Containers

IKEA: I use these the most and phased out most of my plastic containers because I do not like to reheat plastic! 

Time to Prep:

  • Preheat oven for meat
  • Season you meats and place on a lightly oiled pan covered in foil (leave enough to wrap around meat to keep moist.
  • While the meat is cooking wash start to boil water for rice or quinoa
  • Veggies:
  • Roasting : Wash your veggies, cut and place in foil to be put in oven
  • Sauté: tiny bit of oil and toss your veggies in seasoning
  • Microwave bags- the easiest route
    • the last 10-15 min of your meat cooking in oven, add your veggie
    • While every thing is finishing cooking/cooling down, get out your containers
    • Fill containers:
  • 1. Portion your meats  (I weigh mine and Im currently eating 4oz)
  • 2.Measure out out carbs
  • 3.Add veggies -lots of them!11327991_396191560573018_2057006048_n

    Use code VIPKELSEY on orders on MEATS2U


    This part it took me a while to figure out what to use. The best containers I have found are the 6 Pack Bags which I posted about  before.

    The ice packs stay cool all day long, have so many compartments, and are durable! I own two of them right now and I love them!!

    The pink one is the Innovator 300 and hold 4 water bottles, 3 meals plus an extra Tupperware container the Black one is the Innovator mini which is smaller and holds 3 smaller meals and 2 water bottles.  They both come with 3 containers plus a vitamin pack container! They also recently came out with a new smaller cube bag, which of course I decided to get. I usually take this one with me when I’m going to be sticking it in my backpack because it is less bulky because it doesn’t have the drink slots.

    I like these because I am in sales and I do not have an office to put food in the fridge so I need to keep my meals cool while in the car. Plus whenever I travel I can bring all my food more the weekend.

    Still looking for more? Check out this video from Buff Bunny ( I LOVE her!)

    Keep your Keurig clean! 

    My Keurig is the giver of life in morning! Keeping it clean and running is super important so how do you keep a Keurig clean!?

    Check out this video from “Clean My Space”
    Details from the video:

    Three quick maintenance things you should know:

    1. If you are going away for over a week, don’t leave water in the reservoir. It’ll evaporate and leave the mineral deposits behind that clog the system.
    2. If you brew something sticky like a hot chocolate or iced tea, run a cleansing brew of just water and no K Cup through after you’ve made your drink. This will rinse out any sugar crystals that would otherwise be cakey or create a blockage.
    3. Use distilled water – they suggest this because regular tap water has calcium or other minerals that can leave deposits in the reservoir and machine over time. The deposits clog the heating coils and that means your machine has to work harder, longer and use more energy. If you don’t use distilled water you will have to clean it more often to keep it going strong.