I am my own problem, but also my own solution

For the most part, I believe that you have a say in whether you keep going or fall down. Sometimes you really will fall down no matter what you do and that is okay. But, generally speaking you have a 100% freedom to choose to get back up or stay down. Sometimes it’s necessary to stay down, to recover and build yourself back up. But you can’t stay down forever. I go through challenges and I know I can’t stay down forever. And I’m not saying I’m falling right now, but there’s plenty of times it has happened. You never know what the future holds. But I’m gonna keep fighting matter what gets thrown my way. I have to, and so do you. I always tell you guys to take it one day at a time. You win some and lose some but no matter what don’t let a bad turn into a bad week and then months go by and then years later you still haven’t “gotten back up”. I have told you guys this before that I feel better now than I did before my cancer diagnosis. I am nobody special but I share my journey and hopes to inspire other people that you can overcome the adversity is in your lives. Maybe you need help standing back up? Reach out to those who are close to you. It’s not going to happen overnight but every step that you take in the right direction is a start.
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Run on a Mission 

Last Saturday I took a trip down to San Diego to visit my sister. I decided it was the perfect place to do the virtual 5k I signed up for with Run on a Mission. This race was for Thyroid Cancer Awarness so I was extremely excited to participate! One of the founders has a daughter who was diagnosed at 13 years old and is just starting her journey without her thyroid! 

One of my personal goals is to become a stronger runner, which hasn’t been easy. I liked this race because you could do it at your own pace anytime, anywhere during the time frame. 

I received this beautiful medal and a T-shirt for participation with my donation! 

The race was only funded at 23% when I signed up so I did whatever I could to help spread awarness! As of today the race is at 352.50% funded and a total of  $3,525!  

I did my race along the ocean on the beach and trails! I am so happy it was such a beautiful day outside  

 After taking pics in action I now have a new founded respect for fitness and apparel models! 
I have another race coming up next weekend for StandUp2Cancer and I am excited to participate! Thank you again Run on a Mission for letting me be a part of your race!