Get back into the gym: Week 1

Friday May 19th marked 3 weeks since my breast augmentation and my doctor cleared me to return to the gym with modification…and by modification I mean the stationary bike. When I heard that was all he wanted me to do I meantally started to panic. Fitness has been my outlet and my passion for over a year and has help me through some tough times. When I decided to undergo the surgery I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and that I was going to be limited for a long time but when it finally came being completely honest I wasn’t prepared. I am going to share my journey back to fitness and continue to update this post. 

3 weeks post operation: Week 1 Back at it…with modification

Day1: I have a full day at work so I was not able to make it into the gym

Day2: I had the full intention of making it into the gym but after spending the afternoon doing some deep cleaning around the apartment I haven’t been able to do since my surgery I realized it might’ve been too much stress on my upper body so I decided to do some cryotherapy and rest.

Day3: I did some more housework cleaning and finally made it into the gym I started off with the leg press which made one of my close friends pretty upset when she heard me say that I was doing that. I then moved to the stairmaster very slowly for 15 min ( according to the machine I burned about 121 calories). I was careful not to go too fast and then not grip onto the handlebars and paid attention to how my body felt. I then decided to move over to the stationary bike for 30 min (according to the machine I burned about 89 calories). So you can see as to why I choose the stairmaster over the stationary bike which I have never been a fan of and honestly gives me lower back pain for some reason. Being at the gym over near the weights and watching other people being able to work out made me jealous but hey I got in and showed up and did what I’m able to do so tomorrow is another day and I don’t exactly have plans on to what I’m going to do because I work a pretty long day. 


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