Leave Your Excuses Behind: Get Right Fitness Apparel


I came across Get Right Apparel on Instagram one night and decided to learn more about them for a couple reasons. One being they are based locally out of OC California and another reason being what they represent and the story behind it.

“Get Right is a brand who’s goal is to help remind people to leave those excuses behind that life can fill in your heard and stay focused on achieving your goals”

IMG_8316.JPGThey represent those who are dedicated to work hard whether its at work or the gym and don’t care about about the little things that don’t matter. They are a brand for people who wake up everyday and know they need to get things done! Whether it be in a gym or going to school or work etc. Get Right is a brand who’s goal is to help remind people to leave those excuses behind that life can fill in your head and stay focused on achieving your goals


 David Eufracio is the founder and owner of the brand which he started after he decided to overcome a challenge in his life. David used to weigh 330 lbs and he started waking up everyday with pain in his chest and struggled to get through his daily activities without feeling exhausted. This was a real low point for him in his life and he decided it was time for a change! He started eating right going to the gym daily and now he is at 265 lbs! He suffers from a disc disease so everyday is a struggle with weight training and running but he gets it gets it done!
Get Right came as result from his days as a football and track coach at Burn Park High School. They would get kids complain all the time about little things like “I can’t do this or that or I’m messing up in class for these reasons” and it was something he started telling them “to get right”. My favorite quote from David was “people always put excuses in front of themselves and that’s the main reasons their goals fail!”.
“Our main goal is to motivate people to live a better life in fitness, health, and overall we want to build a community of followers who want to get better each be everyday! Some people think that motivational videos or pictures can make some one get up and move but my belief is you don’t always need those if you build a lifestyle of motivation and by that I mean living the motto Get Right not just talking about it actually being about it and that’s pretty much all I have I hope it’s good enough.”
– David Eufracio, Founder


I will work only with brands who represent the same core values as me. I believe that there is this stigma around fitness brands for the everyday person and a lot of people see all these other brands and feel that intimidation how they feel like they can’t go into a gym without feeling pressure to look and act a certain way. They feel they can’t just workout and build on their goals without being judged. That’s where Get right feels they are different they want to work to build a community around the focus that all that matters is you working hard to achieve your goals.

I am excited to watch them grow and wish David the best of health and strength as he continues on his fitness journey! As they expand they will also continue to post recipes, expand product offering, share motivation info , and fitness tips here on their website!


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