Week 4 results: The Camp Transformation center 

I officially completed 4 weeks of my 6 week challenge at The Camp Transformation Center! I am down a total of 13.2 lbs. By the wnd of week 6 my goal is to hit 20lbs!

Overall every workout I complete I definitely feel myself getting stronger and my insurance level increasing! 

Today I did a 30 minute cardio session on a lunch break and then did a everybody work out at the camp in Anaheim. I will be adding cardio sessions to every workout day over the next two weeks. 

Things I need to improve on: 

  1. Drinking more water (goal is 1 gallon a day)
  2. Eat ever 2.5 hours (to keep metabolism up…pack snacks!)
  3. Arrive 15 min before workout to warm up 

Things I did good:

  1. Overcame my ankle injury during workouts
  2. Meal prep 
  3. Packing my gym bag ahead of time 

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