Run on a Mission 

Last Saturday I took a trip down to San Diego to visit my sister. I decided it was the perfect place to do the virtual 5k I signed up for with Run on a Mission. This race was for Thyroid Cancer Awarness so I was extremely excited to participate! One of the founders has a daughter who was diagnosed at 13 years old and is just starting her journey without her thyroid! 

One of my personal goals is to become a stronger runner, which hasn’t been easy. I liked this race because you could do it at your own pace anytime, anywhere during the time frame. 

I received this beautiful medal and a T-shirt for participation with my donation! 

The race was only funded at 23% when I signed up so I did whatever I could to help spread awarness! As of today the race is at 352.50% funded and a total of  $3,525!  

I did my race along the ocean on the beach and trails! I am so happy it was such a beautiful day outside  

 After taking pics in action I now have a new founded respect for fitness and apparel models! 
I have another race coming up next weekend for StandUp2Cancer and I am excited to participate! Thank you again Run on a Mission for letting me be a part of your race! 


2 thoughts on “Run on a Mission 

  1. Run On A Mission says:

    Thanks for writing this post Kelsey! This is awesome. We are so honored you participated and we look forward to partnering with you on initiatives in the future!


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