FitBit Aria

Who doesn’t love Fitbit?! The app tracks your steps, calories and now they released this! The Aria Scale which is used to track weight, lean mass, body fat % and BMI, so you can see the numbers you need to take control of your fitness.


This scale automatically syncs with the same app that your Fitbit tracker app does. When you hop on it automatically knows who you are (magic) and keeps track for you!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 6.45.48 PM.png

So how do I like it? At a retail price of $129.95 at first it thought it was a bit crazy! But then I started thinking about how i already spent that on other scales that ended up not working too well which was basically throwing money in the trash. Fitbit is a GREAT brand, with the best customer service so that why I gave it a try!  I love the sleek design which blends into your decoration and the screen is easy to read and responsive.  You can find it for less at Khols or Sears but I got mine at Macys!


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