Eating Healthy on the Go: Work / Travel

I am an in-field sales rep  for work which means I don’t work out of an office unless you count my car! So with no fridge while your at work its easy to just go out and eat but oh man will that break the bank and is likely lead to some less-than healthy choices most of the time. Same goes for when you are traveling. So what can you do?

Step 1: Plan and Meal Prep (blog post to come)

Step2: Get yourself a KILLER lunchbox that will stay cold during your shift. My bag choice is the 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300 .This can fit more than 3 meals, 4 water bottles, snacks, sports nutrition products and supplements. It also Comes with 2 Gel Packs, 3 – 24 oz. Snap Lid containers, 1 large sports nutrition container and ergonomic shoulder strap.

Their website has a ton of different sizes and styles depending on your needs. The best part…it stays cold for 8+ hours!! I have a smaller bag on my wish-list for when I don’t need to pack for a whole days worth of food so fingers crossed I will be getting that soon!

What other brands how you tried? I’d love to hear!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.15.12 PM

6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300 in Pink


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